Absolute Bliss

by wedgepiece

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The debut album is now available here - on Bandcamp! Originally released on Ponk Media.


released July 19, 2008

Scot Lade and Mark Marinelli



all rights reserved


wedgepiece Bellefontaine, Ohio

Originally a duo based out of Fort Myers, Florida, wedgepiece grew into a quartet and is now Scot Lade writing and recording solo from his home in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The prospects for a full-fledged reunion are slim to nil.

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Track Name: Problems (You Did Not Know You Had)
Evaluated fact
Equated this with that
Assimilated mystery
Closed an open book
For a sated look
Left alliances for dreams

Wearing all the centuries
Beauty never stays for cheap
And the trick is to believe
They won't bring you down
They can't keep you down

Built a raven's nest
Beckoned all the rest
Inherited your mother's spleen
The pieces never fit
You had to wrestle it
And settled down with your defeat

Problems you did not know you had
Problems you did not remember
Problems you could not foresee
Are taking over
Track Name: I'll Come Running
Sorry for the life you've led
You lie sleepless in your bed
You regret the things you've said
And the thoughts inside your head

I'll come running

It's okay to take advice
Or to believe in Jesus Christ
You have made a sacrifice
You don't need to make it twice

You can make it through today
You can wipe the tears away
You can get up, you can stay
You can alter what you say

You can take it come what may
You can hold the wolves at bay
(You can handle this delay)
(You can listen and obey)
And you might find that it's alright
Track Name: Static
Should I do everything for you
Discover and dream for you
Letting go is nothing new
I should have figured out
What this was all about
Getting over you

I hear it all in blue
The static still comes through
All light and sound revolve around
The silence in your eyes

Can I go out on a limb for this
I'd die for a single kiss
Fretting all my life away
And I'll do what you say
But I'd never take the risk
Heading out from bliss
Track Name: A Winter Not To Forget
Locked inside the cold embrace by the summer's glare
Can't seem to satisfy or escape from there
I'm sinking faster now and wanting more
I don't remember it as cold before or after you were here

We walked in silence as the night moved in
The city waits for us to dream again
The street below the sodium glow
Dance to a rhythm that goes on and on and on

You told me not to forget about you
As if I could

I carry on exactly as I used to do
Relapse until I find a passage through
The dirt below, cold sodium glow
The rhythm in my head goes on and on and on

A winter not to forget
Track Name: Adina
Adina walks into another time and place
She didn't notice but her heart's in outer space
Adina parts the clouds with every step she takes
Then realizes that she is that which she fakes

And I know that it's been hard for her
It's been real hard for me
All the things in life she wanted most
Are just out of her reach
Even though she'd hardly be
The only one to be replaced

Adina takes here time with everything she does
If ever questioned why she just replies: "Because"
Adina never thinks about all that she's missed
Her eyes are open even when she's being kissed

Adina brightens every room she passes through
She knows a lot about the things you know aren't true
Adina look away whenever they're around
It's just her way of making sure they stay inbounds
Track Name: A Million Years
I looked back and I got sad
All the things in my life that I once had
I walk the earth like a drugged out ghost
Losing at last what I loved most

And it seems like a million years since you were here with me

Forcing smiles I never felt
I believed there were still more cards to be dealt
Tell me a lie and I'll think it true
Was it twenty-oh-five when I last saw you

Something in your wayward voice
Petrified I decided I had no choice
There's one more fact that you should know
I never really wanted you to go
Track Name: On Three
There's no need to be scared
No one's here to take you away
They've all made other plans
You fell off of the action list

See what's coming through there
So much graft to annihilate
Always lost in a crowd
Never one to be overdressed

You don't need an excuse
To become what you do
You could use an escape
To go on with you day
For an hour or so
You are free to let go
Then you jump off the roof

Take a look at the world
What is there to appreciate
Losing everything now
Comfort knowing there's nothing left
Track Name: My Accomplice
I've been like this forever
A not-too-normal person
And I always spoke a language
No one else conversed in

All the things I wanted to be
Deserted me when you did
And left me in the cold
I shivered and I waited

But when I think about it I don't feel regret
I can still remember the exact time we met
I wish that I could start all over
I wish that I could finally see

But there's nothing in this world
That means that much to me anymore

I never talk about it
Denial's my accomplice
I guess it helps a little
Why should I want to stop this

And all the things that I could have been
Too abruptly ended
And now I'm getting old
Alone and un-befriended
Track Name: Oh Well
The situation here is perilous
The evidence suggests it's serious
We've lovely parting gifts
For all of the participants
Just get the numbers right
And you'll be happy overnight
Oh well

Fortune's chosen ones all in a room
Expected more that this pervasive gloom
Within this audience
There's nothing left of innocence
And eyes that once shined bright
Are clouded almost overnight
Oh well

Buy low, sell high
Try not to look like them
Three finger monogram

It's taken way too long to figure out
That the results were not ever in doubt
Who can identify
A single moment passing by
And with authority
Say to the world: "Hey! This is me!"
Oh well
Track Name: Retrograde Act
Looking into the sun
Say I'm the only one

Taken to extremes and finding more
Focus on the words and not the sores

All the things you are
All the things you were before

Seeing it overdone
Carry the biggest gun

Hide it all away and close the door
Focus on the pain and not the sores

All the things you are
All the things you will become
Track Name: Peddle The Truth
You better be careful
That your words don't come out wrong
You better be careful
Or you'll end up in this song
You better be thankful
As the years just come and go
You better be thankful
That your feelings never show

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
You are happy today
So I'm happy for you
I don't know what to think
Or what I should believe
So I peddle the truth

Wouldn't it be awful
If you wasted all this time
Wouldn't it be awful
If for once you speak your mind
You better be grateful
Like I told you once before
You better be thankful
That here's no one keeping score
Track Name: The Stamp Collector
It's such a shame
How you wasted away
The stamps you collected
The money you saved
All that's left of your empire
All that remains
Cynical outbursts
Caught in the flames

You can strike while the iron in hot
Give up on devious plots
Filling in various slots
It could be, it could be right
But it's not

Ritual slander
Recoiling in shame
The unhealthy aspects
Of rugged terrain
Are you waiting on some one
To polish your name
At the critical moment
They all look the same
Track Name: Promised Land
The surface tension in your eyes
The smoke from your fifth Black And Mild
The song that we both recognize
The flavor of your accent leaving

Scars that I don't want erased
And demons I should never face
The steps that I cannot retrace
The colors of the world deserting me

Can I never tell you
That I love you so

So it goes with everything
The signs that you have never seen
The light shined once on you and me
The sound of your distress concealing

All the moves that we had planned
I placed into your narrow hand
The promise of the Promised Land
The pleasures of the world deserting me
Track Name: Worst Of Me
Every day - a little shorter
Every dream - a little further away
Carefully avoiding any mirrors
And curse my life a thousand times a day

Every face - a little darker
Every thought - a little more decay
I stopped trying to keep it together
I'd raise my voice if I had something to say

Every wound - a little deeper
Every action met with only delay
If I move fast enough maybe you'll be there
Trading secrets in the lovers' parade

And I retain this kind of torn up picture
In my mind of me and you
I create a kind of new born creature
That's the last thing I would do

You got the worst of me
Track Name: Jesse James Canyon
Winter's never done
And spring may yet come
It's only calligraphy
I will give you
All the sunshine in my heart

Floating once again
A hunger bites the hand
The story's unsettling
I will give you
All the sunshine in my heart

Have you changed your hair
Or cried when no one's there
This ending is killing me
I will give you
All the sunshine in my heart

I looked back and then
I do all that I can
To get back to everything
I will give you
All the sunshine in my heart
Track Name: Ballad Of Wedgepiece
Cast party stow-away
Fresh out of jail and blank
The call of the wild
That's how it seemed to me
So Mark and I wrote songs
To keep me in my place
Too low on faith and hope and love
The music's all that I've got left

Your lies don't control me
Your wars can't control me
Design won't control me
Disease can't control me

We put away electric guitars

Down here you catch your breath
When no one's listening
And play to empty rooms
The perks of obscurity
So Mark and I wrote songs
Let it all hang out
And labor over words
No one really hears

We sing about our lives
Get paid with vapid stares
Not punk enough
They all look so young now
So Mark and I write songs
And fight complacency
Heard this joke before
Still waiting on the punch line
Track Name: Lament
Was it kind of like the pictures
You had in your mind
An inaccurate description
Of what you would find

And I know that you're hurting so bad
Worse than anything before
I abhor this
I don't want you to cry anymore

Is there some way you could manage
Without losing face
An extremely vague expression
Of the common place

And I know that you'll be alright
Stronger than you were before this
I abhor this
I don't want you to cry anymore

(Try not to look so sad)
You're still beautiful
(Try not to look so sad)
You're still beautiful

Trying hard to ignore
The things in life you deplore
I don't want you to cry anymore
Track Name: Third Rail
All the words you can say
Can't revive anything
And by the sea, looking out
You recall everything

And it suits you, faint aroma
In the streetlights I remember
Something special or disturbing
Always sent back, it's December

A hundred years in a trance
Skip a straight line paralyzed
And holding hands with the dark
You recall everything

It's the third rail that reminds you
Can't revive you, you're too grounded
On the beach where this all started
It's collapsing, the trumpet's sounded

On the way you decide
To divulge yourself to me
And with the nighttime air around you
I recall everything