Exit L'Amour

by wedgepiece

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The lost wedgepiece album now unearthed.


released April 8, 2016

Sonya, T-Bone, Scot Lade, Mark Marinelli



all rights reserved


wedgepiece Bellefontaine, Ohio

Originally a duo based out of Fort Myers, Florida, wedgepiece grew into a quartet and is now Scot Lade writing and recording solo from his home in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The prospects for a full-fledged reunion are slim to nil.

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Track Name: Still Life
Overlooked all the signs
You can quit anytime
Overworked, overrun
Losing my selfless mind

Overhead, in a line
You can keep what you find
Overwrought, overbooked
Losing myself this time

Your patience, my friend, has been duly noted
So kindly step aside

So come on and shine on

Overturned by the wine
Did you commit any crime
Overtook, overdone
Losing my very last dime

It's the still life you have found
There is still life all around
It's a still life in the canvass of your mind
Track Name: Grim Event Position
On several occasions
A traveling salesman
Exceeds expectations
Weathered and seasoned

I don't believe in your love anymore

Check the horizon
For a substitute passion
And the gargoyles awaken
They're so grizzled and seasoned
Track Name: Exit L'Amour
It's your life
You can be whoever you want to be tonight
It's okay that you're annoyed

It's your right
You can say whatever you want to me tonight
It's the game that you enjoy

If you had another collision
Would that get it out of you system
I don't think so, I don't care

It's your pride
That keeps you racing from the reality tonight
It's a fetish you exploit

It's your fight
You can scratch and claw and yell and scream tonight
It's the game that you enjoy
Track Name: Know The Right People
So you think you've found your ticket out
You think you have a plan
Do you know that there's a formula
For breaking a new band

It's been used inside the industry
Since 1965
If you follow it religiously
Then you just might get signed

You gotta say the right things
And know the right people
You gotta work hard
And know the right people
You gotta stay clean
And know the right people
You gotta look sharp
And know the right people

Don't deceive yourself by pointing out
Exceptions to the rule
They allow it so the consumer
Can be more easily fooled

Obligations that must be fulfilled
Dues that must be paid
No longer a participant
You're merely their new slave
Track Name: By And By
Words and music by Scot Lade
All vocals and instruments by Scot Lade
Additional piano: Mark Marinelli
Track Name: Nonetheless
I took it hard
I keep it here with me
It keeps me company
More or less

Lo and behold
The future comes and goes
The sun is burning out
But I digress

I've been desperate, I've been sad
You were the best I ever had
I cling to something not there anymore
They took it all away from me

I've looked for something to replace
The image of your perfect face
I cling to something not there anymore
I'm sorry I became the enemy

Take my hand
Lift me out again
I Can feel your bones

Or quickly turn
And leave me all alone
The air is running out
But I digress
Track Name: One Of Them
Need some make-up in this light
Bring a change of clothes tonight
Empty pockets nice and tight
Mind the posture, sell it right

Hold your head up high
When you get on that stage
And then ask yourself
Do you still fell out of place

It could happen anywhere
Take your clothes off on a dare
Leave commitments in the air
They don't love they only stare

It feels like a good time
To be just like all the rest
And it feels like a good time
To be just like one of them

The end is always a relief
When the stars shoot out of reach
Forcing doubt onto belief
Never practice, never preach
Track Name: Friends And Romans
Tell me one more time
That I may finally hear
Tell me one more time
The message wasn't clear

If everything that happens here means nothing
Then why this moderation in your life
You take it all for granted at your own risk
And wonder why this happens every time

Give me one more night
To last me through the years
Give me one more night
To last through all the tears

Friends and Romans lend an ear
Track Name: Illicit
I was never like the others, baby
I was never like the others, baby

They've got their claws in you
You'll never be like new

So be careful as you hit rock bottom
I will see you through
Don't look back we're leaving Sodom
I believe in you

They put a price on you
They got fat while it grew
Track Name: Purple Fives
Count the bank several times
Like you used to do
I have nothing to hide
Purple fives looking new
You'll get used to it
I am there next to you

And everything is fine
Swept and changed the signs

Figure it out and let's go home
Figure it out and let's get stoned

Tomorrow's your big day
It'll be alright
You'll know just what to say
Can't stay here all night
You'll start losing it
So let's turn out the lights

And everything's in place
Sent the girls home late

Bring the sign in, lock the door
Fold the t-shirts, count the drawer
Take the trash out, sweep the floor
Make it like it was before
Track Name: The Last Time
I can't get my head around this life
A little jargon at the front lines
Never get what you desire
Slightly more than is required
So you say

A token gesture and my skin's ablaze
Quit the habit of a good time
Take all that which you've acquired
Moving faster, growing tired
So you say

It's the last time
I would ever trust you

Put your finger on a staid career
In the shape of zodiac signs
And you whore pass is expired
Don't recognize you when you're wired
So you say

It's the last time I'll admit
That I have too much to give
It's the last time that I cry
It's the last time I will die

I will never be the same
And I will never throw away
It's the last time I'll submit
It's the last, I'm through with it
Track Name: Without Words
Stand by your guns
'Til you have what you want
And you want what you've got
In your hands you possess
All the myriad charms
That could shield you from harm

You reject all display
You have figured it out
Left no room for doubt
Fastening all of you friends
To a scrapbook you store
In a box by the door

You can't answer a question not heard
You can't tell me you thoughts with words
If everything said is a lie
Then I don't mind

The sequence of events makes sense
And tends to justify
Keeping up the present tense
As it passes by

I'll believe in it tomorrow
Today I must repent
And I beg you not to follow
The dowry has been spent
Letters have been sent

Pronounce it blameless and return
Still shaking off the guilt
Spinning faster while we learn
And gather what was spilt
Track Name: Edge Of The Forest
You had learned this as a child
Lost so much in between
Seen it before in the pages
Of your magazines

Don't forget that you're immortal
Try again but be more careful

When there's motive in the action
And fire beneath your eyes
You're still on your best behavior
Five-star alibi

Don't forget that you're immortal
Try again but be more thankful

All that expires
Insures a beginning
Luck turns around
The world keeps on spinning
Life without death
A song with no chorus
Wind carries seeds
To the edge of the forest
Track Name: Fictionland
Losing your agenda yesterday
Wasn't half as bad
As you feared it would be

Fell into their trap and once again
You've been sterilized
Does that make you happy

I told you
They're angry
It's dangerous
In Fictionland

Don't believe the fiction
On the television
Lies and contradictions
Richard Milhous Nixon